Satin Double Layer Hair Bonnet Sleeping Cap Adult Size For Men & Women


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Satin double layered fabric features two layers of luxurious satin woven together, creating a thicker, more opaque material with a rich drape.


  • Enhanced Opacity: Double layering eliminates the need for lining in many cases, making garments lighter and more comfortable.
  • Increased Durability: Two layers provide extra strength and resistance to snags and tears compared to single satin.
  • Richer Drape: The added weight creates a more dramatic and luxurious drape, ideal for formal wear and flowing garments.
  • Enhanced Warmth: Two layers offer slightly more warmth than single satin, making it suitable for cooler climates or garments requiring structure.

How to use

Secure Hair for Sleep :

  1. Detangle hair.
  2. Choose hairstyle (braids, bun, pineapple).
  3. Secure hair with tie(s).
  4. Put on satin/silk cap.


Satin double layered can be made from various materials, each offering slightly different properties:

  • Silk: The most luxurious option, known for its softness, breathability, and natural drape. However, it requires delicate care.
  • Polyester: A more affordable option that mimics the look of silk. It’s wrinkle-resistant and easier to care for but may not drape as elegantly.
  • Synthetic Blends: Combining materials like polyester and silk offers a balance between affordability, care, and drape.
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Satin Double Layer Hair Bonnet Sleeping Cap Adult Size For Men & Women

Original price was: ₹300.00.Current price is: ₹250.00.